I am a UX designer who’s passionate about putting the user at the center of my process — I always start by asking what problem are we trying to tackle and who are we solving it for. Currently I'm a principal designer at Symphony, solving team collaboration problems at both a strategic level as well as providing design for sprint level development. Prior to Symphony, I was at Skype where I explored ways to increase user engagement and helped integrate Skype with various Microsoft products, such as Office 365.

Before my life as a designer, I worked as a software engineer at Microsoft. My collaboration with the design team on a few projects introduced me to user-centered design. I realized this is what I would love to do - creating simple and delightful experiences for users while helping them solve their problems. At the same time, I appreciate elegant engineering solutions and like to tinker with prototypes. 

In my free time I enjoy reading, hiking, and playing the piano. I also love to travel, whether it’s to experience new cultures and foods or the great outdoors.