Symphony - Envisioning a New Experience



  • We had a product that worked but people didn't love using it, as revealed by user interviews, data analytics, and a low NPS score. We realized that we didn't have a good understanding of the problems we tried to solve due to the complexity of the financial services space.


  • Propose a vision for the product that is the “every day” communication platform by being central to our users’ workflow

  • Define & express the personality of Symphony


  • Led the research to map out the product stakeholders and develop a set of personas

  • Organized and facilitated design workshops with Product Management to brainstorm product features

  • Used storytelling to present to the leadership team a vision of how Symphony can better serve the needs of different users




I was tasked with conducting research to gain a more complete and nuanced understanding of our end users. Through interviewing subject matter experts and accessing secondary research material, I collected information on the roles and responsibilities of different types of Symphony users, as well as their interactions with each other in their day-to-day. I presented the diagram below to the team so that we could brainstorm around the different ways in which Symphony could help our users to achieve their goals.

Design Workshop

I helped to organize and facilitate multiple workshops for Design and Product Management to envision how might Symphony serve the needs of the different users across financial services. We developed a set of proto-personas and outlined the problems of these personas that we wanted to solve. Our goal was to come up with a list of differentiating features given what we know about our users' key workflows.

Storyboarding the new experience

Using the output from the workshop, I developed a story to put the features we brainstormed into context.  I also got input from Business Development and Sales to refine the value propositions illustrated in the story.  Finally, I led few other designers to create a storyboard that illustrated how the new Symphony provided a cross-platform solution that served its users' needs in reacting to market movements and getting their job done. In addition to the characters and the story, I was also responsible for wireframing all the interactions. 



The storyboard was presented to the leadership team to communicate areas of focus for our product strategy.  The resulting conversation kick-started an initiative that pulled together a scrum team to build a V1 of the new vision. I was the product owner for this project. My responsibilities included keeping the team aligned on the big picture, and defining detailed work items as user stories for each sprint.  The proof-of-concept we delivered at the end of a 4 month period became merged with the existing product and helped to refine the product both visually and in terms of usability.