Skype Web App

I worked on a number of projects that introduce new entry points to Skype by increasing Skype's web presence. 

skype Buttons

I worked with a visual designer and PM to deliver the Skype Buttons page on Skype's developer site. The page provided the user with a snippet of code for adding a customized Skype Button to their own website. Visitors to the site could trigger the button to communicate with the site owner via a Skype chat or call.

Skype Buttons page on Skype's developer site.

User can specify the type of button they want to embed on their website.

Skype and Bing Integration

The goal of this integration was to make all the phone numbers on a search results page directly callable using the Skype Web App. I worked closely with the Bing design team to come up with a good visual treatment for the numbers such that they followed Bing's guidelines yet still maintained Skype's branding. I was also responsible for designing the user flow from call initiation to call completion in the web app. I had to take into consideration issues around plugin installation and the pre and post call experiences.

Skype-able numbers are highlighted on Bing's search results page and the call is completion using the Skype Web App.

I came up with multiple design options for the plugin download screen. We were able to use A/B test to help us pick the screen that corresponded with the highest success rate.